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It begins with Bulma arriving at Kame House to visit Kame Sen'nin and Kuririn. Bulma claims to have broken up with Yamcha. Lunch is said to be off chasing Tenshinhan.

Son Goku and a small boy are seen flying into Kame House on Kinto'un. He arrives for the reunion and the others greet him with confusion, unaware who the little boy is. He reveals him to be his four year old son Gohan, to their shock.

After starting to catch up, Son Goku senses a hugely powerful chi approaching. The mysterious man from before lands in front of the group with a stern look on his face. He calls Son Goku Kakarrot, and asks him why he hasn't 'exterminated this species' yet. Kuririn attempts to see him off, but he is knocked into the wall of the house by the man's tail.


Raditz knocks Kuririn away with his tail.

Son Goku is shocked to see him have a tail, as he thought he and his son were the only ones.


  • This is the first chapter Son Gohan appears in.
  • This is the first coloured chapter of Dragon Ball Z.
  • This is the first chapter of Dragon Ball Z to feature Son Goku, Kuririn, Bulma, Turtle and Kame Sen'nin.
  • This is the last chapter ever where Lunch is mentioned.