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DBZ001. The Mysterious Warrior from Space Pict
Tankōbon No. Dragonball Z 01 (17)
Tale No. DBZ001 (195)
Characters Raditz, Piccolo & Son Goku
Previous: DB194. The Gift of the Dragon Balls Next: DBZ002. Kakarrot


A mysterious Pod lands on Earth in a farmer's field by some mountains (assumably the North Mountains). The farmer heads over to the crater to inspect the pod with his rifle in hand. A man in mysterious body armour with very long black and spiky hair gets out of the pod, and approaches the farmer. He analyzes the farmer's Power Level as 5 with his scouter and makes a crack about how weak Earthlings are.

The farmer panics and shoots the man, but he catches the bullet. He flicks the bullet back at the farmer, killing him. The man detects a high power level, and flies towards it, expecting to meet a so-called 'Kakarrot'.

He arrives to the location of the power level reading and is disappointed to find Piccolo instead. Piccolo attacks him, but is paralyzed with fear at how he was unphased by the attack.


Piccolo attacks Raditz.

The man leaves Piccolo after detecting another strong power level. He flies towards the new power, and ponders whether Kakarrot has forgotten the pride of the Saiyan race. In his speech bubble an image of Son Goku as a baby is shown, revealing Kakarrot's identity to be him.


  • This is the first chapter Raditz appears in.
  • This is the first chapter of Dragon Ball Z.
  • This is the first chapter to feature a Scouter and a Power Level reading.
  • This is the first chapter to reference Saiyans.
  • Son Goku is inadvertently revealed to be called Kakarrot and a Saiyan in this chapter, although not explicitly.