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The Crane School is a martial arts school founded by Tsuru Sen'nin, the Crane Hermit. It revolves around the manipulation of chi and has a strong affiliation with assassination and efficient victory. Tsuru Sen'nins two most promising pupils left him to join his rival Kame Sen'nin, after it came to light how bitter and corrupt he and his brother Taopaipai, were.

However when Groundbreaking Science was released, interest in the Crane School was revived. Tenshinhan took over Tsuru Sen'nin's role and began to impart the teachings to eager pupils. He believed that human potential was best harnessed by manipulating and amplifying chi, something he always believed to a degree with techniques such as the infamous Chi Kung Pao. After seeing how the Genki Dama Spirit Ball technique was able to decimate something as mighty as Boo, he cemented his beliefs into this philosophy.

Notable Members[]

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