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"A definitive, iconic or descriptive quote from or about the character."- No78

Name of Character
Placeholder person
A.K.A. Other Names or Titles
Age of Birth E.g. Age 749
Origin Where they Come From
Species e.g. Namekian
Power Level Precisely as Possible
First Appearance First Chapter or Mission
Last Appearance Last Chapter or Mission


Brief description of the character talking about their role in the story, their personality and how it changes.


A condensed look at a character's life, trying to incorporate all of the key events such as death, relationships, family and also looking at their great accomplishments.

Techniques & Abilities[]

A list of techniques and abilities known by the character, with accompanying images.


A list of relevant and interesting trivia about the character, such as the meaning of their name or information about how or why they were developed and so on.


It's much easier just to list sources in it's own section, rather than specking them about the page. They will mostly either be the english manga releases (no sense in sourcing specific volumes in articles like this), or DBO websites in regards to DBO information included. Pictures can be sourced more specifically.