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A list of all chapters in Dragonball.

Dragonball Chapter List[]

The first 194 Chapters or Tales that comprise Dragonball.

001. to 194.[]

DB001. Bloomers and the Monkey King

DB002. No Balls!

DB003. Sea Monkeys

DB004. They Call Him...the Turtle Hermit!

DB005. Oo! Oo! Oolong!

DB007. So Long, Oolong!

DB008. One, Two, Yamcha-cha!

DB009. Dragon Balls in Danger!!

DB010. Onward to Fry-Pan...

DB011. ...And Into the Fire!

DB012. In Search of Kame Sen'nin

DB013. Fanning the Flame

DB014. Kame Kame Kame Kame Kame Chameleon

DB015. At Sixes and Sevens

DB016. One Goal, One Enemy

DB017. Carrot Top

DB018. Who's Got My Balls?!

DB019. At Last... the Dragon!

DB020. Just One Wish!!

DB021. Full Moon

DB022. The End of the Tale

DB023. Separate Ways

DB024. The High Price of Education

DB025. A Rival Arrives!!

DB026. Who's That Girl?

DB027. Nothing to Sneeze At

DB028. Let the Training Begin!

DB029. Bad Day at Turtle Rock

DB030. Milk Run

DB031. It Only Gets Harder

DB032. Let the Contest Begin!!

DB033. Hard Work Pays!!

DB034. Strongest Under the Heavens

DB035. The Battle is Set!!

DB036. Match No.1

DB037. Match No.2

DB038. Water and Cheesecake

DB039. Monster Smash

DB040. The Tail of Goku

DB041. Kuririn vs. Jackie Chun

DB042. The Big Fight

DB043. The Mysterious Jackie Chun

DB044. The Name of the Game is Namu

DB045. Taking the Air

DB046. The Final Match

DB047. The Kamehameha

DB048. One Lucky Monkey

DB049. The Big Sleep

DB050. Jackie's Shocking Secret

DB051. And the Crowd Goes Wild!!!

DB052. The Climax Approaches!

DB053. The Final Blow

DB054. On the Road Again

DB055. The Red Ribbon

DB056. The Dragon Ball Scramble

DB057. The Storming of Muscle Tower

DB058. The Flexing of Muscle Tower

DB059. Devil on the Third Floor

DB060. Purple People Beater

DB061. The 4 1/2 Tatami Mat Flip

DB062. The Ninja Split!

DB063. Mechanical Man No.8

DB064. The Horrible...Jiggler!

DB065. How to Unjiggle a Jiggler

DB066. Muscle Tower's Final Hour

DB067. Go West, Young Goku...

DB068. Monkey in the City

DB069. Bulma and Goku

DB070. Bulma's Big Mistake!!

DB071. The Turtle is Spotted!!

DB072. The Blue Meanies

DB073. The Wrong Turtle to Mess With

DB074. The Pirates' Trap

DB075. Robot in Waiting!

DB076. The Treasure!

DB077. Bright Blue's Eyes

DB078. The Great Escape!

DB079. Run, Run, Run!!!

DB080. The Three Stolen Dragon Balls

DB081. Chased to Penguin Village!

DB082. The Broken Dragon Radar

DB083. The Stolen Dragon Radar

DB084. The Karin Sanctuary

DB085. Taopaipai the Assassin

DB086. The Devastating Dodon-Pa!!!

DB087. The Great Climb

DB088. Sage of the Karin Tower

DB089. A Drink of Water

DB090. Son Goku Strikes Back!

DB091. Battle in the Sanctuary!!

DB092. Taopaipai at the Brink

DB093. Goku's Charge

DB094. Attack from the Sky!

DB095. The Fall of Commander Red

DB096. The Triumph!

DB097. The Lost Dragon Ball

DB098. The All-Seeing Crone

DB099. The Five Champions

DB100. Battle of the Bleeders

DB101. The Devil's Cesspool

DB102. Goku at the Plate!

DB103. The Power of Goku

DB104. The Beam of Evil

DB105. The Last Champion

DB106. Strong vs. Strong

DB107. To Win By a Tail

DB108. Son Gohan

DB109. A Second Helping of Pilaf

DB110. The Pilaf Machine

DB111. Reenter the Dragon

DB112. Go, Goku, Go!

DB113. Return to the Tournament

DB114. The Qualifying Rounds

DB115. King Chappa

DB116. The Doctored Lottery

DB117. Yamcha's Kamehameha

DB118. The Cruelty of Tenshinhan

DB119. The Full Moon Grudge

DB120. Look Out! The Dodon Blast!

DB121. Kuririn's Master Plan

DB122. Goku vs. Panpoot

DB123. Tenshinhan vs. Jackie Chun

DB124. Young Tenshinhan

DB125. Goku vs. Kuririn

DB126. Goku vs. Kuririn, Part 2

DB127. Goku vs. Kuririn, Part 3

DB128. Goku vs. Tenshinhan

DB129. The Volleyball Play

DB130. The Fist of the Sun

DB131. Tsuru-Sen'nin

DB132. The Arms Race

DB133. Desperation Move

DB134. Up in the Air

DB135. The Death of Kuririn

DB136. Target: Tenka'ichi Budôkai

DB137. We Need You, Goku!

DB138. The Weirdo with the Ball

DB139. Yajirobe's Prey

DB140. The Martial Artist Hunters

DB141. Goku vs. Tambourine

DB142. Piccolo Descends!

DB143. Goku vs. The Demon King

DB144. Goku...Loses?

DB145. The Muten-Rôshi's Decision

DB146. Up in the Air

DB147. The Demon King of Old...Restored!

DB148. Go Ask Karin!

DB149. World Domination

DB150. Karin's Quandary

DB151. The Superest Super Water!!!

DB152. Piccolo's World

DB153. Tenshinhan's Resolve

DB154. Tenshinhan vs. Drum

DB155. Guess Who's Back?

DB156. Fury

DB157. The Immortal Battle

DB158. Goku's Greatest Crisis!

DB159. The Blasted Earth

DB160. Goku's Final Gamble

DB161. The Fist of Son Goku

DB162. The Nyoi-bô's Secret

DB163. The Sanctuary of Kami-sama

DB164. Enter God

DB165. Shen Long Ressurected!

DB166. The Reunion

DB167. New Challengers

DB168. The 8 Finalists

DB169. Tenshinhan vs. Taopaipai

DB170. The Assassin's Struggles

DB171. Goku Gets Married!

DB172. Kuririn vs. Demon Junior

DB173. Kuririn vs. Demon Junior, Part 2

DB174. Yamcha vs. Shen

DB175. "Shen"

DB176. Goku vs. Tenshinhan

DB177. Goku vs. Tenshinhan, Part 2

DB178. Tenshinhan's Secret Move!

DB179. The Two Weak Points

DB180. Kami-sama vs. the Demon King

DB181. God's Miscalculation

DB182. The Fated Showdown!

DB183. Testing the Waters

DB184. The Real Fight

DB185. The Super Kamehameha

DB186. Panic at the Tenka'ichi Budôkai

DB187. Piccolo's Super Giantification Spell

DB188. Goku's Fight

DB189. The Demon King's Final Gamble

DB190. Piccolo Destroys Everything!

DB191. The 10 Count

DB192. The Last Gasp!

DB193. The Fate of the Strongest

DB194. The Gift of the Dragon Balls

Dragonball Z Chapter List[]

The following 325 Chapters or Tales that comprise Dragonball Z.

001. to 325.[]

DBZ001. The Mysterious Warrior From Space

DBZ002. Kakarrot

DBZ003. Tails of Future Not-Quite-Past

DBZ004. An Enemy in Common

DBZ005. An Unexpected Strength

DBZ006. Nothing Up My Sleeve...

DBZ007. Piccolo's Farewell to Arms!?

DBZ008. A Surprise Appearance

DBZ009. Sayonara, Goku

DBZ010. The Needs of the Many...

DBZ011. A Warrior in Hell

DBZ012. Gohan and Piccolo

DBZ013. Son Gohan, the Inconsolable

DBZ014. Deeds Done by the Full Moon

DBZ015. Goku and Gohan's Training Begins!!!

DBZ016. Masters and Students

DBZ017. The Hardest Time of His Death

DBZ018. Closer...Closer...

DBZ019. The Day of the Saiyans

DBZ020. Let the Games Begin!

DBZ021. One Down...

DBZ022. Heroes in Terror

DBZ023. Hope Runs Out

DBZ024. The Last Blast

DBZ025. Goku, Hurry!

DBZ026. Back From the Other Side

DBZ027. The Time Draws Near

DBZ028. The Death of a God!!

DBZ029. Piccolo's Last Stand

DBZ030. The Quiet Wrath of Son Goku

DBZ031. Vengeance

DBZ032. The Mystery of the Kaiô-ken

DBZ033. The Last of Nappa

DBZ034. Mano a Maniac!!

DBZ035. The Decisive Battle at Last!

DBZ036. Too Much Power?

DBZ037. Battle in the Red Zone!!

DBZ038. The Moon

DBZ039. The Energy Sphere

DBZ040. All That Power...

DBZ041. The Last Heartbeat

DBZ042. Least Resistance

DBZ043. One More...the Sphere!

DBZ044. The Hopes of a Planet

DBZ045. The Worn-Out Warriors

DBZ046. Monkey in the Moon

DBZ047. Goku's Request

DBZ048. The Bittersweet End

DBZ049. Destination Namek

DBZ050. The Mysterious Spaceship

DBZ051. 3...2...1..Lift Off!

DBZ052. The Return of Vegeta

DBZ053. Planet Namek, Cold and Dark

DBZ054. The Mysterious Strangers

DBZ055. Vegeta's True Power!

DBZ056. Goku Returns! Again!

DBZ057. Son Goku's Spaceship

DBZ058. Namekian Fear

DBZ059. Showdown!

DBZ060. Ten Seconds of Death

DBZ061. Son Gohan Snaps!

DBZ062. Death in Flight

DBZ063. Vegeta vs. Dodoria

DBZ064. Hide and Seek

DBZ065. The Sixth Dragon Ball

DBZ066. The Last Dragon Ball

DBZ067. The Four Dead Heroes

DBZ068. Vegeta vs. Zarbon

DBZ069. Zarbon's True Power

DBZ070. The Great Elder's House

DBZ071. The Dragon Balls Change Hands

DBZ072. Vegeta's Laughter, Freeza's Rage

DBZ073. Reunion of Terror!

DBZ074. Vegeta in Overdrive!

DBZ075. Brains and Brawn

DBZ076. Premonitions of War

DBZ077. The Enemy of My Enemy...

DBZ078. The Ginyu Force

DBZ079. Five Deadly Fighters

DBZ080. Gurd's Psychic Powers

DBZ081. Vegeta vs. Reacoom

DBZ082. Vegeta vs. Reacoom, Part 2

DBZ083. Freeza Victorious?!!

DBZ084. Son Gohan's Last Stand

DBZ085. Son Goku Has Landed!

DBZ086. Super Saiyan!?

DBZ087. Jheese and Butta

DBZ088. With Allies Like These...

DBZ089. Ginyu Steps In

DBZ090. A Matter of Pride

DBZ091. The Last Three Namekians

DBZ092. Nail, Champion of Namek

DBZ093. The Switch

DBZ094. Goku or Ginyu?!

DBZ095. Ginyu's Mistake!

DBZ096. The Final Switch

DBZ097. Nail's Sacrifice

DBZ098. The True Dragon God

DBZ099. The Three Wishes

DBZ100. The Last Wish

DBZ101. The Assimilation

DBZ102. The Transformation

DBZ103. Freeza vs. Gohan

DBZ104. Freeza vs. Gohan, Part 2

DBZ105. The Fourth Warrior

DBZ106. Freeza vs. Piccolo

DBZ107. Freeza vs. Piccolo, Part 2

DBZ108. Freeza's Third Form

DBZ109. Vegeta's Ploy

DBZ110. The Final Transformation

DBZ111. Will It Be Freeza? Or Vegeta?

DBZ112. Son Goku...Resurrected!!

DBZ113. The Ultimate Battle Begins!

DBZ114. The Death of Vegeta

DBZ115. Underwater Battle

DBZ116. Aerial Battle

DBZ117. Hand to Foot

DBZ118. 50% Maximum Power

DBZ119. Kaiô-ken times 20!!!

DBZ120. The Great Genki-Dama

DBZ121. The Last Chance

DBZ122. The Galaxy Strikes Back

DBZ123. Life or Death

DBZ124. The Super Saiyan

DBZ125. The Tables Turn

DBZ126. The End of Namek?

DBZ127. Maximum Desperation

DBZ128. Two Warriors, One Finish

DBZ129. The Two Wishes

DBZ130. The Quiet, Fierce Battle

DBZ131. Son Goku Quits

DBZ132. Son Goku's Choice

DBZ133. The End of Everything

DBZ134. Namek's End

DBZ135. Where is Goku?

DBZ136. The Coming of King Cold

DBZ137. Young Man of Mystery

DBZ138. The Second Super Saiyan

DBZ139. Son Goku Comes Home

DBZ140. The Boy from the Future

DBZ141. The Terrifying Message

DBZ142. The Risky Decision

DBZ143. The Gathering of the Warriors

DBZ144. Slaughter in South City

DBZ145. Yamcha Falls

DBZ146. The Red Ribbon Androids

DBZ147. Powerless!

DBZ148. One Down...

DBZ149. Vegeta Returns!!!

DBZ150. The Androids Unhinged

DBZ151. A Change of Plans

DBZ152. Trunks Returns!

DBZ153. A Sound of Thunder

DBZ154. Dr.Gero's Laboratory

DBZ155. The Androids Awake!

DBZ156. #17, #18...#16?

DBZ157. The Androids Walk Among Us

DBZ158. Vegeta vs. #18

DBZ159. Vegeta vs. #18, Round Two

DBZ160. The Androids at Ease

DBZ161. Retreat and Regroup

DBZ162. Kami's Conditions

DBZ163. A Discovery

DBZ164. The Time Machine

DBZ165. Kami-sama's Vision

DBZ166. Kami-sama and the Demon King Become One

DBZ167. Cell

DBZ168. Ginger Town Showdown

DBZ169. A Farewell to Arms

DBZ170. Cell Laughs Last

DBZ171. Son Goku Awakens

DBZ172. The Super Saiyans' Training

DBZ173. Piccolo vs. #17

DBZ174. Waiting in the Wings

DBZ175. Cell vs. the Androids

DBZ176. New Piccolo...Last Piccolo?

DBZ177. Cell vs. #16

DBZ178. #16 Summons His Power

DBZ179. The New Cell

DBZ180. Goku Meets Cell

DBZ181. Vegeta and Trunks Emerge

DBZ182. Vegeta's Confidence

DBZ183. Beyond the Super Saiyan

DBZ184. Super Vegeta

DBZ185. Cell's Last Chance

DBZ186. The Evil Truce

DBZ187. Vegeta vs. Trunks?

DBZ188. The Complete Cell

DBZ189. A Reversal

DBZ190. The Final Flash

DBZ191. Trunks Steps In

DBZ192. Trunks Surpasses His Father!

DBZ193. The Balance of Power

DBZ194. Cell's Idea

DBZ195. Message of Terror

DBZ196. The Emergence

DBZ197. The Calm Before the Storm

DBZ198. Cell vs. the Army

DBZ199. The New Kami-sama

DBZ200. The Cell Game Begins!

DBZ201. Heroes Assemble!

DBZ202. Hercule, Champion of the World

DBZ203. Cell vs. Son Goku

DBZ204. Full Power

DBZ205. The Highest Level

DBZ206. Ring Out

DBZ207. Kamehameha Full Power

DBZ208. Last Resort

DBZ209. The Successor

DBZ210. Let's Go, Gohan!

DBZ211. The Rage of Son Gohan?

DBZ212. #15's Secret Weapon

DBZ213. The Little Cells

DBZ214. Gohan Unleashed!

DBZ215. Cell vs. Gohan

DBZ216. The Ultimate Kamehameha

DBZ217. Cell, Brought to Bay

DBZ218. The End of the Cell Game

DBZ219. Gohan's Pain

DBZ220. The Tables Turn

DBZ221. Father and Son

DBZ222. Kamehameha vs. Kamehameha

DBZ223. Finale

DBZ224. Farewell, Warriors

DBZ225. The Other Outcome

DBZ226. Peace to the Future

DBZ227. Herculopolis High

DBZ228. Undercover

DBZ229. A Hero is Born!

DBZ230. Videl's Emergency!!

DBZ231. Revealed!!!

DBZ232. Strongest in the Heavens!

DBZ233. Let the Training Begin!

DBZ234. Videl Learns to Fly

DBZ235. Fathers

DBZ236. The Dragon Team Returns!

DBZ237. The Preliminaries Begin

DBZ238. The Two Little Warriors

DBZ239. Trunks vs. Goten

DBZ240. Trunks vs. Goten, Part 2

DBZ241. The Winner!

DBZ242. Hercule's Courage!

DBZ243. The Mysterious Duo

DBZ244. The Finalists are Chosen!

DBZ245. The First Two Fights

DBZ246. Shin's Surprise

DBZ247. Videl...Battered

DBZ248. Gohan Gets Mad!!

DBZ249. The Plot of the Lords

DBZ250. The Stolen Energy

DBZ251. The Terrible Mystery

DBZ252. Bobbidi the Warlock

DBZ253. The Evil Masters

DBZ254. The Descent

DBZ255. Stage One: Pocus

DBZ256. Stage Two: Yakon

DBZ257. Yakon's Treat

DBZ258. Battle Royale

DBZ259. Mighty Mask Shows His Power!

DBZ260. We Have a Winner!!!

DBZ261. A Wicked Soul Revealed

DBZ262. Goku vs. Vegeta

DBZ263. Vegeta's Pride

DBZ264. Two Battles to the Death

DBZ265. Countdown

DBZ266. The Djinn Awakens?!

DBZ267. Can This Be Boo?!

DBZ268. The Menace of Boo

DBZ269. Terrifying Power

DBZ270. Vegeta vs. Boo

DBZ271. Boo Gets Mad

DBZ272. The Mastermind's Demise

DBZ273. Farewell, Proud Warrior

DBZ274. Back to the Nightmare

DBZ275. A Slim Hope

DBZ276. Bobbidi's Revenge

DBZ277. A Time of Trial

DBZ278. The Zeta Sword

DBZ279. Goku Meets Boo!!

DBZ280. Super Saiyan Level 3!!!

DBZ281. Boo Unbound

DBZ282. Goku's Time

DBZ283. Goku Goes Back

DBZ284. Where is Gohan?

DBZ285. The Zeta Sword

DBZ286. The Fusion Succeeds...?!

DBZ287. The Earth's Secret Weapon!

DBZ288. Super Fusion!!

DBZ289. The Friends of the Djinn

DBZ290. The Creature of Wrath

DBZ291. Two Boos?!

DBZ292. The New, Terrible Boo

DBZ293. Humanity's End

DBZ294. Return to the Room of Spirit and Time

DBZ295. The Confidence of Gotenks!!

DBZ296. The Extreme Confidence of Gotenks!!

DBZ297. The Kamikaze Ghost!

DBZ298. The Door Closes

DBZ299. Escape from the Time Dimension

DBZ300. Super Gotenks!

DBZ301. Super Fusion Unleashed!!

DBZ302. Deep Trouble!!

DBZ303. Gohan's Counterattack!

DBZ304. What's Boo Doing?!

DBZ305. Ambush!

DBZ306. A Turn of the Tables

DBZ307. Enter a Savior?!

DBZ308. Will the Potara Prevail?!

DBZ309. The Ultimate Combination!!

DBZ310. The Ultimate Fighter

DBZ311. Vegerot's Game

DBZ312. Two Inside Boo

DBZ313. Boos Inside Boo

DBZ314. The Boo of Pure Evil

DBZ315. Battle for the Universe

DBZ316. Vegeta and Kakarrot

DBZ317. Vegeta Puts His Life on the Line!

DBZ318. The End of Super Saiyan 3

DBZ319. Vegeta's Plan

DBZ320. A Message to Earth

DBZ321. Just Not Enough

DBZ322. Battle's End

DBZ323. A Happy Ending...And Then...

DBZ324. 10 Years After

DBZ325. Farewell, Dragon World!


  • The three main villains of Dragonball and Dragonball Z and the storyline arcs seem to mirror each other. Pilaf and Freeza are both morally corrupt emperors. Commander Red and Cell are both related to the Red Ribbon Army. Piccolo and Boo were both portrayed as released demons, who's correlation with good or evil manifested in various stages and forms.
    • Similarly, Uranai Babas contest is reflected by Bobbidis. They both occur at roughly the same time in terms of the mirrored story arcs.
  • In the original running, Dragonball retained the same title throughout Dragonball Z.