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A.K.A. The Perfect Fighter
Age of Birth Unknown (circa Age 788-T)
Origin Earth, Age 788-T
Species Android (Biological Android)
Power Level 4,000,000,000
First Appearance -
Last Appearance -

Menace from the Future[]

Dr. Gero started working on Cell around the same time he constructed androids No. 17 and No. 18. He was intending to create the ultimate lifeform and most powerful fighter using the combined DNA that he had gathered from Son Goku, his friends and his enemies. He also made it so the creature would have to absorb life-force to gain strength and have to absorb the aforementioned androids in order to achieve his 'complete' and most perfect state. He named this creature Cell, but was unable to finish the project. Instead, he programmed a computer in a seperate laboratory to continue the research and development of Cell.

Cell would not be born for about twenty years after that, and would resemble a kind of giant, alien cicada. When he gestated to adulthood, he discovered that Trunks had killed No. 17 and No. 18 already. Obsessed with attaining completion, he killed Trunks in Age 788 and used his time machine to travel back to Age 763. In order to fit in the small vehicle, he reverted back to his egg stage. After travelling through time, he hatched, burst from the time machine as a larval, cicada-esque form again and began to await gestation.

He achieved adulthood yet again and began to harvest life-force from innocent humans using the piercing absorber on his tail. Through doing this, he was able to become strong enough to absorb No. 17 and No. 18. After much struggling, he achieved this and attained his 'perfect' form.

Confident with his newfound strength, he wished to test it and arranged a martial arts tournament he dubbed the Cell Games, giving those who wanted him dead time to train. Unfortunately for him, his arrogance was his downfall and he was killed by Son Gohan during a climactic showdown. He did however succeed in killing Android 16, Trunks and Son Goku.

The Cells of Cell[]

Cell was constructed using the DNA of various powerful fighters in the series. Here is a list of those fighters.

Because of this, he possesses traits from all of these individuals. The Saiyan traits give him a power boost from surviving a near-death experience and allow him to achieve a Super Saiyan state. From Piccolo, he acquired the Namekian Regeneration ability, which allowed him to survive many fatal blows. From Freeza he acquired tremendous durability, ability to survive in the void of space and telekinetic abilities. He also acquired the techniques of every aforementioned person.

Abilities, Techniques & Weaponry[]