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"No one in the universe can defeat us!! (Except Master Freeza!)"- (DBZ089)

Captain Ginyu
A.K.A. -
Age of Birth Unknown
Origin Unknown
Species Alien/Mutant
Power Level <120,000
First Appearance -
Last Appearance -


Captain Ginyu was an elite ranking warrior of the World Trade Orginization, second only to Freeza. He is the namesake for the Ginyu Special Force, a group of other exceptionally powerful mutants. Captain Ginyu is special because he's one of the few individuals who can raise his battle power at will, to a maximum of 180,000.


Ginyu takes Goku's body.

Captain Ginyu holds a special fail-safe move where he trades his chi with a target, effectively exchanging their bodies. After he is overpowered by Son Goku, he wounds himself them trades bodies with him. However his inability to control Son Goku's power meant that he couldn't use it properly, and it only catalyzed his downfall. His over reliance on the technique caused him to end up in the body of a Namekian Frog.

Captain Ginyu is--like his team-- fairly comical and melodramatic. He enjoys choreographing special poses and boasting his power almost as much as fighting. However, Son Goku observes that he's 'not as bad' as


Ginyu's fate.

the others, as he has a sense of honour. After Jheese interrupts his battle with Son Goku, Captain Ginyu scolds him for interfering as it gave him an unfair advantage. Captain Ginyu appears to have a very close relationship with Freeza and is able to get away with more ridiculous behaviour, such as when he suggested he perform his 'dance of joy', to which Freeza responded 'perhaps another time'.

In Dragonball Online, his frog body is used as a test subject for Towa, who morphs him into a giant, powerful frog.

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Chi Exchange Technique | Undisciplined Chi Blast


  • 'Ginyu' means 'milk' in japanese, and his entire team's names are derived from dairy products.