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"Neither Freeza nor Goku knew that the Saiyan Freeza killed that day was Burdock... Goku's father."- Narrator, DBZ113

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Father of the Hero[]

Burdock was only briefly mentioned, when Freeza first met Son Goku. Freeza recognized Son Goku as looking near identical to the Saiyan who resisted to the end when he destroyed Planet Vegeta and a couple of panels shows the character of Burdock, who is then revealed to be Son Goku and Raditz's biological father.

Burdock was also alluded to when Raditz met Son Goku, claiming that he looked just like his father.

The Masked Man[]

In Dragon Ball Online it is revealed that Miira rescued Burdock from dying in the wake of Freeza's apocalyptic assault and took him to the future. He then controlled him using a mask, in the same way that Towa controlled people using the green crystal.

Burdock acts as a mysterious enemy in the first few missions in Dragon Ball Online, until his mask breaks and he begins to regain his self control.

Not much is known about his story yet as Dragon Ball Online's story is still in development and has yet to be fully and properly translated into english.