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"Nothing like being a babe, I always say!"-(DB016)

A.K.A. Heir to the Capsule Corporation
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Origin West City, Earth
Species Human
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Bulma was introduced to the series as a devious and selfish, pretty young girl in Tale 1 Bloomers and the Monkey King, when she is on a quest to find the dragon balls, after discovering one in her cellar. Son Goku is unwilling to give her his, so she decides to take him with him, so she can use him for his super-human strength and of course, his dragon ball.


  • Bulma's name means 'Bloomers' and all of her family members names are themed on under-garments.
  • Akira Toriyama dislikes "harsh, selfish" girls like Bulma.
  • Bulma's hair was originally depicted as teal, until DB003, when it was re-coloured purple. It would flick back between the two colours, indicating that Bulma dyed her hair teal, until it was kept permanently as purple. However the anime adaptation kept her hair as teal all the time (though they did not make her son Trunks' hair teal, for some reason).