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The Warlock's Son[]

Bobbidi is a powerful warlock, practitioner of magic. He specializes in manipulating the darkness in people's souls and using it to control them and turn them into his slave. Bobbidi enslaved many powerful fighters picked from across the universe, including Pocus, Yakon, Dabra, Yamu, Spopovitch and even Vegeta.

Bobbidi devoted his life to ressurecting the djinn Boo, an unimageinably powerful magical entity created by his father. He was sealed away thousands of years ago because his father Bibbidi couldn't control him, but Bobbidi was confident that he could. By controlling people and manipulating situations that forced them to fight, he was able to harvest energy and send it to Boo's shell.

After coming to Earth, he achieved his goal and awakened Boo. He controlled him with threats of sealing him away again, but Boo eventually learned that Bobbidi was no threat and killed him.

Bobbidi's Minions[]

A list of those whom Bobbidi branded with his mark and subsequently became his minions.