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A collection of all the 'mob's in Dragon Ball Online. This is an ongoing side-project part of the wiki, attempting to capture as much information about each of them as possible. Due to Dragon Ball Online having no official english translation, the names for each monster are temporary and subject to change.


These enemies are somewhat cybernetic or 'futuristic' in nature, but often humanoid extra terrestrial beings. They're often found in Time Breaker camps, and are often the remnants of Freeza's World Trade Orginization which was consistent of many different alien species.

Name Type Level Location


These are enemies of a robotic nature, but more humanoid than Robots. Examples include Android 8000 who is depicted in the class icon.

Name Type Level Location
Android 9
Android 8000
Android 8000-MX


These are plantoid, alien creatures first introduced to Earth by Vegeta and Nappa. They once assisted the World Trade Orginization in eradicating planet life, and have since evolved into a wide array of different varieties that exist in diferent habitats and of varying degrees of strength.

Name Type Level Location
Cactivar Cactoid 7 Flanflan Desert
Dandylion Aerial Seedling 9 Flanflan Desert
Epiflyte Aerial Seedling 10 Flanflan Desert
Gravel Goblin Land Childling 4 SUPER Flanflan Desert
Gravel Gremlin Land Childling 10 SUPER Flanflan Desert
Hesteric Shaman Shaman 7 SUPER Flanflan Desert
Pollenator Aerial Seedling 9 Flanflan Desert
Rockefeller Land Seedling 3 Flanflan Desert


Creatures of a dragonic nature.

Name Type Level Location


Spirits, souls, ghouls and so on. Monsters based on creatures connected to death and the reversal of it.

Name Type Level Location


Another long-standing inhabitant of Earth along with humans, are the Humanoids. Humanoid animals that live amongst the people. The Red Pants Army is almost exclusively consistent of these people, and they come in many different forms including bears, big cats, bulls and even sharks.

Name Type Level Location
RP Army Dog Dog 9 Flanflan Desert
RP Army Rat Rat 11 SUPER Flanflan Desert
RP Grunt Pig 9 Flanflan Desert
RP Gruntsman Pig 11 Flanflan Desert
RP Gruntmeister Pig 12 Flanflan Desert
RP Hog Pig 11 Flanflan Desert
RP Private Bat Bat 11 Flanflan Desert


Creatures of an insectoid nature.

Name Type Level Location
Blood Bandit Mosquito 8 Flanflan Desert
Blood Banduito Mosquito 11 Flanflan Desert
Dune Bug Whistlebug 6 Flanflan Desert
Ladybug Whistlebug 4 Flanflan Desert
Mr. Mozzy Mosquito 6 Flanflan Desert
Sand Roach Beetle 6 Flanflan Desert


Creatures of a mammalian nature.

Name Type Level Location
Android 8000


Impish, demonic and devillish creatures. Some walk amongst men, like Pilaf and Paella.

Name Type Level Location


Creatures of a reptillian nature.

Name Type Level Location


Artificially intelligized forms that are much less humanoid than their Android counterparts. Some are friendly, and others are hostile.

Name Type Level Location