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Android 16
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Android 16 was one of many android super weapons created by Dr. Gero with the intent of avenging the Red Ribbon Army, which was destroyed by Son Goku. As such, Android 16 is obsessed with the goal of killing Son Goku.

Android 16 is the most powerful mechanical android Dr. Gero ever built (as far as we know), but was deemed a failure due to his nice nature and lack of desire to fight (much like his predecessor, 8-Man). He was awakened however by the rebellious No. 17 and No. 18, who he then travelled with for a little while.

Android 16 expressed a passion for nature and wildlife for some reason and always sympathized with the 'good' characters. However, he retained his desire to kill Son Goku. He put his plans on hold however to participate in the Cell Games. After he was nearly destroyed by Cell, Bulma and Dr. Briefs repaired him. In the repair, they also removed the bomb from his body as they deemed it too dangerous.

Android 16 attacked Cell during the games with a bear-hug and threatened to self-destruct. To his dismay however, the bomb had been removed and Cell destroyed him completely with ease. He later crushed Android 16's head, killing him completely. This moment is what spurred Son Gohan to turn Super Saiyan Level 2, which is what eventually enabled him to kill Cell.

Because Android 16 is a mechanical android, he has no soul and as such was never ressurected by Shen Long, making him one of the few characters to stay dead.